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Cardboard Kaleidoscopes: Candace Fasano

Candace Fasano is a painter and a poet.  Where the paintings end and the poetry begins is not always distinctive.  According to Wikipedia, “poetry primarily is governed by idiosyncratic forms and conventions to suggest differential interpretation to words, or to evoke emotive responses.”  Substitute words for images and you’ve hit just the beginning of what makes Fasano’s work so interesting.

Topographical Remembering, mixed media on canvas, 48×48

Like poetry, Fasano’s paintings abound with symbolism and rhythm, their ambiguous nature often leaving them open to interpretation.  Though they may have been created with a certain narrative in mind, the visual elements expressed are more suggestive than overt.

OMGGMO, oil on canvas, 96×72 diptych

Just as Candace the poet plays with words, Candace the painter plays with paint.  Building up texture, leaving whispy washes of color and sketchy lines contrast with typographical verbiage.

Balancing Act, oil on canvas, 30×36

Layers of imagery create layers of meaning.  Objects within the works are often rendered realistically, but are not necessarily resting in their reality.  They may become transparent, weaving in and out of the composition like the ghostly marks left behind after an pencil eraser has done its work.

Warmth, oil on canvas, 66×56

imaginary landscapes attract 

pictures from our collective mythologies.

text or fragments take hold like scaffolding

constructing and deconstructing

realities into temporary truths

revealing fragile limitations 

of growth and decay –

viewed through a cardboard kaleidoscope


To see more of Candace Fasano’s work and to read more of her poetry, visit her website and blog.  If you like her work as much as I do, please fan her Facebook page to keep up with all her latest news.  If you’re in the North Florida area, be sure to visit the Cummer Museum‘s “The Neighborhood As Art” show, which features one of Candance’s pieces.

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  • Hi Lesley: I love what you’re doing with the Artsy Forager! Too cool that you introduced me to an artist whose work is hanging in the nearby Cummer Museum. Cheers

    • Thanks, Kate! There is a wealth of talent in and around Jacksonville. Some of it a little more stealthy than others. 🙂
      Glad you like the site!

  • Just beauuutiful, I love Candace’s work! I too am a facebook fan; glad to stumble across your blog as a result. (p.s. your writing is a bit like poetry yourself!)
    Chrissy x

    • Thanks so much, Chrissy! Glad you came across the blog and hope you keep visiting. 🙂