The Artsy Everyday

The Artsy Everyday: Is That Your Art in My Coffee?

I always get a little thrill when I get a tiny foam work of art in my coffee.

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  • Cheers to coffee and art! Two of my favorite things!

  • If I can ever land a job as a barista I would make a piece of art out of every cup of coffee.

    • And people like me would never take your coffee art for granted! :-) Good luck!

  • I shiver at this very sight! I love coffee and the art of coffee-making. Sometimes, when I see one of these in coffee shops, I am tempted not to drink it and just wallow at the beautiful sight, but then the coffee-lover in me refuses, so there goes that art piece in my system.

    • It does seem a shame to drink them, doesn’t it? But then the coffee is oh so delicious… :-)

    • At least that way, you become one with the art. 😉

      • true and true..thus, i walk, breathe, and taste that art, until another one comes my way! 😉

  • Drinkable art :)