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Saturated Fluidity: Anne Harper

I am craving color.  It seems like spring has sprung everywhere except where we are.  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but after almost 4 months without flowers, I am ready for blooming!  So it should be no surprise that this week I’m drawn to the work of Anne Harper.

Persuasion #2, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Spring is full of contrasts– bright flowers glowing against skies wet with rain.  Harpers work parallels for me the loveliness of an urban spring.  Her liquid color reminds me of my first spring visit to Seattle, where the cherry blossoms littered wet sidewalks.  It seemed magical. ( Probably didn’t hurt that I was newly in love, both with the city and my then soon-to-be hubby! )

Persuasion #4, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Then, the rainy days of spring gradually dry, giving way to the glorious glow of summer.  I am ready.  Are you?

Spontaneous #2, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Persuasion #7, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

To see more of Anne Harper’s work, please visit her website.  In addition to being a fantastic painter, she is also a talented musician!  You can listen to her tunes here.

This artist found via Saatchi Online.

Featured image is a detail of Persuasion #4.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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