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Art to Inspiration: Pakayla Biehn

This blogging world is chock full of creative and inspiring people.  I am so excited to participate in the collaborative blogging project, Art to Inspiration!  Art to Inspiration is a monthly collaborative blogging project in which bloggers around the world post how the same piece of artwork has inspired them on the first Wednesday of every month.  So let’s get started!

I was pumped when I saw the artwork inspiration for April, 2 Years, 264 Days and This Morning by Pakayla Biehn, an artist whose work I love and recently featured!

2 Years, 264 Days and This Morning, oil on canvas, 26x18

In my gallery days, one of my absolute favorite tasks was to help curate, design and plan how the work was hung in the gallery.  Laying work out, figuring out how pieces relate and the best way for them to work together visually.  So for my first Art to Inspiration, it felt natural to curate my own gallery of work inspired by Biehn’s piece.

RIGHTTORETURN(DONAUDELTA) by Markus Linnebrink, c-print, epoxy resin on wood, 60x72

Floral Study by Kristina Bailey, acrylic on canvas, 60x48 ( via Gregg Irby Fine Art )

The Unending Amends We've Made ( Imperishable Wreath ) by Lauren Clay, Acrylic on cut paper,papier-mâché, wire, wood, 30x25x6

Z.T. by Wil Jansen, oil on canvas, 40x30cm

The Things We Miss by Lissy Laricchia

Eggplant by Michelle Armas, acrylic on canvas, 30x40 ( via Gregg Irby Fine Art )

Pakayla Biehn

Markus LinnenbrinkKristina Bailey | Lauren Clay | Wil Jansen | Lissy LaricchiaMichelle Armas  

Visit the artists’ websites, linked above, for more inspiration!

You can find more information on Art to Inspiration here and if you would like to participate in the next Art to Inspiration, just fill out this form! Follow me and all the other Art to Inspiration bloggers on Twitter by subscribing here.  Let the inspiring begin! 
All images are via the artists’ websites unless otherwise noted.

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  • Fabulous and diverse selection of artwork! Love it!

  • Gorgeous selections……I so love your curations! I especially am enjoying the Floral Study. Love the interpretation.

  • These are fantastic! I was a painting major in college and always get so excited to see a new art exhibit or discover a new artist – and the artwork and artists you shared here are phenomenal! You curated a fabulous collection here on your blog! I love all the cool takes on this month’s Art to Inspiration piece!

    • Thanks, Clare! So glad you stopped by!

  • matateishi

    What’s intriguing is how different the artworks are, I can hardly put a finger on why they work together, yet they do. What a visual memory you must have, Lesley. I would love to see this show in real life!

  • matateishi

    What’s unique is how different each artwork is, it’s difficult to put a finger on what they have in common, yet it all works together so well. You must have an amazing visual memory Lesley!
    I’d love to see this show in reality.

    • Yes, I remember images vividly but can’t remember why I went into the next room! 😉

  • That “Things we miss” work gave me the chills! Interesting works of art, I really like how you rounded them all up in your interpretation!

    • Thanks so much! Glad you stopped by!


  • Such a beautiful selection! Thank you so, so much for enlightening all of us with your background and experience. I look forward to seeing more :)

    • Thanks for providing the opportunity! 😉

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