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The Sweet By & By: Deann Hebert

There are times I wonder if I have multiple personalities.  I love big cities for all of their energy, culture and swagger.  New York continues to be one of my favorite places in the world.  But I also adore the sweet, slower pace and relaxed living of more rural areas.  Maybe it’s my grandmother’s farm girl roots or my love of quiet and the outdoors.  But whatever the cause, the work of Franklin, TN artist Deann Hebert reminds me of the glory of picnics and winding country roads.


Obviously, Deann’s subject matter brings to mind life’s simple pleasures.. fields full of flowers, the wonder of a bird’s nest, the sweetness of a secluded little country church.

Fall Whispers

She reinforces her bucolic atmospheres by using a soft, neutral palette and layer upon layers of painted texture reminiscent of tree bark and peeling barn paint.


Her work makes me want to load up a picnic in my bike basket ( ok, I don’t have one yet, but I’m working on it! ) and ride along the fence line, saying hello to cows and horses and passersby.

The Painted Fence

Country Barn

In the words of John Denver, Country roads, take me home!  At least that’s what the country mouse side of my personality is longing for today.  The city mouse may show up again tomorrow. 😉  To see more of Deann Hebert’s work, please visit her website and Facebook page.

Featured image is Easter Sunday.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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