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Artsy Dwelling: A Photoshopped Home

For many folks, the only photographs on display at home are family portraits and vacation snaps.  This afternoon, I’d like to get your creative inspiration going with some beautiful examples of the way art photography can have an amazing impact on your home’s artsiness!

Using photography can give an edge to an ultra-feminine space–

Home of Philip Leeming & Leong Ong


Photograph of Beirut by Elger Esser


You can make a big impact in a small space like a dining room with an oversized photograph–

Interior design by Design Loft Interiors; photo mural by Alex Turco


Interior Maison Magazine, Oct/Nov 2010


Designer: Thom Felicia; Featured photograph: Roberto Dutesco

To add graphic texture to a neutral space, monochromatic photography does the trick–

Interior design by Julia Starr Sanford; Art photography by Thomas Hager

via the artist

**be sure to check the Artsy Forager Facebook album, Artsy Dwelling, for more of Tom’s residential installations!

Interior design and styling by Lisa McGraw; art photography by Daniele Albright


How about personalizing your space by commissioning an art photographer to document your little ones?

Interior photography Llama’s Valley Magazine


Interior photography by Bieke Claessens


Or even better, enlarge a favorite photo of them and fill an entire wall!

Design by Brian Patrick Flynn


How are you living with photography, Artsies?

Image sources linked below each photo.

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