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Woodland Delicacies: Kari Herer

As you may have gathered by now, hubby and I spend a lot of time in the woods.  Which means we’ve had our fair share of wildlife sightings, heck, we have deer visiting our yard every night at our current lakeside rental.  The sight of a moose, elk or bear is thrilling in a yikes-if-he-wanted-to-he-could-take-me-down kind of way.  But for me, it’s the lovely quiet and grace of smaller woodland creatures that captures my heart.  These prints from photographer and artist Kari Herer really impart their impish qualities I love so much.

No. 9893 Fox & Flower

No. 9889 Fox & Flower

Even though deer sightings are pretty frequent for us, I still get a thrill when I look up and see them grazing in the woods around our yard.  Their quiet, peaceful movements always entrance me.  Rabbits and foxes are less frequent visitors, but we’ve had our glimpses..

Rabbit No. 0048

Rabbit No. 0031

Herer’s mix of whimsically sketchy drawings juxtaposed with elegantly styled florals truly speaks to the dignity of these creatures and how we delight in them.

To see more of Kari Herer’s work, please visit her website.  You can purchase prints of her work in her Etsy shop— a series of these would be lovely in a nursery!

Featured image is No. 9894 Fox & Flower.  All images are via the artist’s Etsy shop.

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  • Nicole

    I love these! I just planned a trip to the Sequoias, and this post made me even more excited to go!

    • How fun, Nicole! My hubby has been to the Sequoias, but I haven’t yet. It’s on my very long list of places to see. 😉

      • Nicole

        If you like majestic trees and a little peace and quiet, you’ll love the Sequoias!

        • Love love love the majestic trees!

          • Nicole

            Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to the Sequoias sometime soon. I’ll send you pics after my trip. :)

  • Although wildlife and fauna are not a random juxtaposition, the spare black line drawings combined with the vividly colorful three d flowers is a wonderfully creative and serendipitous combination. Love it!