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Friday Finds: Word Up!

Happy Friday, Artsies!  Please forgive my 1980s one-hit-wonder reference.  I can’t help it.  My mind just automatically defaults to songs from my teen years.  It seems like the written word is experiencing an artsy renaissance of late.  Not since the days of illuminated manuscripts have words and art become so intertwined.  Here are a few of the wordy works I’m loving this week!

Why Can’t You Just be Nice by Trey Speegle

Everything in its Place by David McLeod

FS2679 by Cecil Touchon

Thought & Pleasure by Squeak Carnwath

Sounds Like Some Hippy Shit by Dwayne Butcher

Trey Speegle | David McLeod | Cecil Touchon | Squeak Carnwath | Dwayne Butcher

Have a great weekend, Artsies!  Remember to use your words. 😉

All images are via the artists’ websites, linked above.

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  • Nicole

    I am totally digging Dwayne Butcher’s work! Thanks for sharing!

    • Isn’t it fantastic? I featured him in my Artist Watch on Escape Into Life a while back. The simplicity of his work and his turns of phrase just kill me. Wonderful combo of artist & writer!

      • Nicole

        Agreed! I love his color and phrase choices! His work is simple, but bold, and I find it to be really intriguing.

  • These are wonderful, thanks for sharing. Interesting to see you mention illuminated manuscripts. Have just posted an article about the Chi Rho or XPI page from the Book of Kells. Few actual words to see on that page, but many more hidden in plain sight. The monk who created this used Ogham, Celtic mythology and several more things. Tells quite the story altogether.

    • Very interesting! I’ll have to check out your post, J, thanks for sharing!

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  • I love all these wordy works of art. They are all such simple phrases but actually have so much meaning behind them. And now I must go put “every thing in it’s place”…physically and metaphorically.

    • Glad you were inspired, Jillian! 😉