Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Transforming Myths: Hung Liu

I’ve always had a fascination with Asian cultures, especially Chinese folklore and familial traditions.  Chinese American artist Hung Liu’s work evolves from her background in socialist realism  taking traditional “mythic poses” of Chinese propoganda photography and reshaping them into visual stories of feminine strength.

Calendar Girl, mixed media, 41×60

The women in Liu’s paintings are not victims.  They are towers of strength, their fortitude existing not in brute force but in quiet dignity.

Green Mountains, mixed media on panel, 41×41

Soul Mates VII, mixed media, 13.5xx13.5


Series V, mixed media, 13.5×13.5

To see more of Hung Liu’s work, please visit her website, as well as the website of her representing gallery, Diehl Gallery, where I first discovered her work.

All images are via the artist’s representing Jackson Hole, WY gallery, Diehl Gallery.

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