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Pretending Portals: Noemie Goudal

Growing up in the 70’s in a working class family, much of the time we used what we had and lots of imagination in our daily play.  My brother & I would regularly create “cars” out of cardboard boxes and I distinctly remember creating an entire make-believe floor plan out of fallen leaves.  The work of London based photographer Noemie Goudal reminds me of how easily our imaginations are transported as children.

Passage, color photograph, 111×140 cm

Goudal’s work recalls the magic of blanket forts and tin can telephones.  Taking us back to a time when just a shape or a line sparks our senses to conduct us into a new fantasy world filled with possibility.

Les Amants ( Cascade ), color photograph, 168×208 cm

Les Amants ( Jetee ), color photograph, 168×190 cm

The artist uses simple props and imagery to create imaginative installations that seem to capture portals into a completely different world, a world that seems to leak out, blending the imagined with reality in the same magical way we did as children.

Flood, color photograph, 111×140 cm

To see more of Noemie Goudal’s work, please visit her website.  How did your imagination shape your own childhood play?

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