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Illusory Compilations: Sarah Awad

To me, the best stories are those that are carefully layered and woven together with a touch of mystery.  Artist Sarah Awad’s work intertwines seemingly disparate elements to create wonderfully complex and cryptic visual narratives.

Power of Aphrodisia by Sarah Awad, oil on canvas, 67x60

Power of Aphrodisia, oil on canvas, 67×60

In some of Awad’s work, we seem to be looking into a classical museum, filled with artifacts and precious antiquities.  These pieces have a eerieness to them that give us a sense of happening upon an unfolding story.

Tender Recurrence ( On Visitation ) by Sarah Awad, oil on canvas, 72x60

Tender Recurrence ( On Visitation ), oil on canvas,72×60

The Visit by Sarah Awad, oil on canvas, 24x20

The Visit, oil on canvas, 24×20

Gemutlichkeit by Sarah Awad, oil on canvas, 72x54

Gemutlichkeit, oil on canvas, 72×54

In each piece, we wonder what just happened here or what is about to happen?  There is an anticipatory feeling and a slight unease to each work.

Untitled ( Temple ) by Sarah Awad, oil on canvas, 24x20

Untitled ( Temple ), oil on canvas, 24×20

To see more of Sarah Awad’s work, please visit her website.  If you happen to be in the Seattle area, you can see Sarah’s work in person at James Harris Gallery.

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  • These are fascinating and brilliant (literally). Thanks for featuring them.

    • Lesley

      Glad you enjoyed Sarah’s work, Richard! They really are mesmerizing once you begin to really study them.