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Mysterious Amalgamations: John Sabraw

Through my travels with Mr. Forager, I’m always struck by the many similarities there are to be found in such vastly different landscapes. And how, the elements of each interact with one another in a very specific way.  The Chroma series of Ohio artist John Sabraw, a passionate environmentalist, are inspired by the micro and macro worlds we find ourselves in and our connection to every one of them.

Phyto: 2 by John Sabraw

Phyto: 2, mixed media on aluminum composite panel, 24×24

These unique works are created by layering paints of varying viscosities, allowing them to intermingle and naturally evolve in response to the environment of his studio.

Karst: Opal by Sabraw

Karst: Opal, mixed media on aluminum composite panel, 12×12

Joules 12-4 by John Sabraw

Joules 12-4, mixed media on aluminum composite panel, 12×12

In each we see what could be the tide pools of Yellowstone or blood cells within our own bodies.  They could be images made by satellites or microscopes.  Whatever it is that we see, is a part of our world, whether it be nearby or far, far away.

Synchline: Tumeric by John Sabraw

Synchline: Tumeric, mixed media on aluminum composite, 12×12

To see more of John Sabraw’s work, please visit his website.  You can read more about his Chroma series, including information on the artist’s sustainability practices here.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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