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The Art of Celebrity: Emma Gale

For eons it seems that with a certain level of success in the art world, comes a level of celebrity most artists will never know.  Especially today, artists are selling themselves as a brand almost as much as they are selling their work.  Australian artist Emma Gale turns the tables to feature celebrated artists as the subjects of her work.

Tribal Chic by Emma Gale

Tribal Chic

The artist takes these immediately recognizable artists and reinvents them in her own style, yet each one retains the essence of the personality we’ve come to associate with them and their celebrity.

All My Lovin by Emma Gale

All My Lovin, mixed media on paper, 56×76 cm

Jimi by Emma Gale

Jimi, collage and pencil on paper, 56×76 cm

Yet, we’re left to wonder.. how much of our perception of the celebrated among us is based on spin and branding?  If we were to meet the famous in person, would they be just as we imagine them or would we be surprised to find how different they are from their image?

Soho Glam by Emma Gale

Soho Glam, mixed media on paper, 56×76 cm

To see more of Emma Gale’s work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s representing gallery, Anthea Polson Art.

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