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Forest Creatures: KOLLABS

Mr. Forager and I are forest & woods people, with a bit of the ocean on the side.  Which is a big part of why we love the Pacific Northwest so much and can’t wait to get back there ( only 3 1/2 more months! ).  The quiet, the depth and darkness of the woods is a salve to our souls.  Artists Anke Schofield and Luis Garcia-Nerey aka KOLLABS, are two artists who work collaboratively, exploring the role of humans within the forest and the environment as a whole.

Conversations by KOLLABS

Conversations, mixed media on canvas/panel, 66×48

In their work, KOLLABS often shows human and animal interaction, but taken out of the literal context of the woods.  As in Conversations ( above ), it may seem that the bear, shrunken in size, perhaps to belie its power, is there to entertain the wealthy woman.  Or perhaps she has invited the bear in, to try to get to know him and his ways so that she might better serve him.

Angie's Run by KOLLABS

Angie’s Run, mixed media on panel, 36×36

Peapod by KOLLABS

Peapod, mixed media with resin on panel, 36×36

Parker by KOLLABS

Parker, mixed media with resin on panel, 36×36

As so many of us live far removed from the woods, usually only glimpsing wild animal at the zoo, photographs, or other media, it’s easy to forget that these creatures once ruled.  That they, along with their forest homes, were treated with reverence and respect.

Chloe by KOLLABS

Chloe, mixed media on panel, 48×60

After all, they were there first.  To see more of KOLLABS’ work, please visit their website.  You can see their work in person in several galleries across the US, including Diehl Gallery in Jackson Hole, WY, Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley, ID and Lanoue Fine Art in Boston, as well as Whistler Village Art in Whistler, British Columbia.

Artist found via Diehl Gallery.  Images via Diehl Gallery and Gilman Contemporary websites.

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