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Hinted Silhouettes: Caroline Zucchero Hurley

The first time I saw high-definition tv, I thought to myself, “I can’t believe people are paying more money for this imagery.”  The resolution was so ultra-high, it was too crisp, too clear, lacking the depth to be found in blur and shadow.  The work of Brooklyn based artist Caroline Zucchero Hurley uses loosely arranged shapes that, like our old analog screens, give us hints at what is there, allowing our minds and eyes the freedom to connect the dots.

Trees of Eden by Caroline Z. Hurley

Trees of Eden, oil on linen, 48×48

Much of what I love most about Hurley’s work has to do with the sense of balance and control in what may seem at first to be unfettered patterns and brushstrokes.

Dirt Stains by Caroline Z. Hurley

Dirt Stains, oil on canvas, 60×60

Thank You, Virgin America by Caroline Z. Hurley

Thank You, Virgin America

For all their seeming randomness, there is a deliberate quality to their placement, letting us know that each composition is by no means accidental.  Yet, the artist arranges these shapes and colors with a deft hand, revealing just enough to suggest at what might be there.

Brights by Caroline Z. Hurley

Brights, oil on canvas, 60×60

To see more of the work of Caroline Zucchero Hurley, please visit her website.  In addition to works on canvas, the artist also translates her love of shapes and forms to jewelry and linen throws— be sure to check those out, as well!

All images are via the artist’s website.

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