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Divided Unity: Sherri Belassen

You know that old saying “Good fences make good neighbors”?  There is much truth to be gleaned from that quote.  Freedom and space is important, but boundaries and divided spaces can help create a sense of protection and privacy.  In a painting, divided spaces can create a sense of balance and compositional interest, as in the work of Arizona artist Sherri Belassen.

Hammock by Sherri Belassen

Hammock, oil on canvas, 66×40

In her paintings, Belassen utilizes line and color blocking to create shadow, shape, and texture within the layout of each canvas.  Figures are connected to each other and their surroundings, creating a sense of visual depth and the suggestion of surrounding spaces.

What If by Sherri Belassen

What If, oil on canvas, 36×48

Love is in the Air by Sherri Belassen

Love is in the Air, oil on canvas, 48×48

Her figures take on almost a monumental, landscape-ish quality, as if these are giant canvases we are glimpsing from high above.

Divine by Sherri Belassen

Divine, oil on canvas, 30×40

To see more of Sherri Belassen’s work, please visit her website.  Her work may be seen in person at a number of galleries around the US– see the list here!

Hammock and Divine are via the artist’s website.  What If is via representing gallery Jules Place and Love is in the Air is via representing gallery Elizabeth Gordon Gallery.

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