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Scratching the Surface: Amy Donaldson

In my college painting classes, my painting prof used to always say that knew I was in class because he could literally hear me painting.  You see, I have a tendency to dig my brushes into the surface of the canvas, a sensation and sound I quite enjoy ( though it’s pretty tough on expensive brushes! ).  The work of Florida artist Amy Donaldson has that same kind of textural energy, I can almost hear the scrape of her brush and palette knife against the canvas.

You're Beautiful by Amy Donaldson

You’re Beautiful, mixed media on canvas, 60×60

Donaldson’s process is one of an additive and subtractive back and forth between the palette, paint, and canvas.  Inspired by her ( and my! ) native state of Florida, Donaldson creates abstracts that hint at the broadness of a landscape, yet have the surface of an aged, graffiti covered wall.

Adore by Amy Donaldson

Adore, mixed media on canvas, 72×60

Untitled by Amy Donaldson

mixed media on canvas

In expressive abstract quality of her work, Amy’s paintings let us get lost in the play of color, light, and texture, each bouncing our eyes in excitement across the canvases.

In His Presence by Amy Donaldson

In His Presence, mixed media on canvas, 60×72

Would you like to see more of Amy Donaldson’s work?  Please check out her website and Facebook page.

All images are via the artist’s website.  Artist found via Stellers Gallery in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

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  • God, I love these! Delicious!

  • Lesley

    And I’m sure all that texture is even more sublime in person!

  • Impressive work.