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Coming to found in February! City Mouse | Country Mouse

I’m a little sneaky sometimes.  You know, like a mouse.  You may have noticed the found gallery page pop up in the top navigation last week.. or maybe you noticed the found logo in the sidebar.. or saw the Facebook & Twitter posts on Sunday.  If you haven’t picked up on my not-so-subtle hints, you can find more on found here.

found is an online exhibition gallery featuring curated collections of small works, quarterly, for limited engagements.  It’s just another way for me to share artists’ work with you, but in a more focused, specific, special way and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity and promise lots of wonderful artsiness will come to found!

The very first found exhibition will open on Thursday, February 21st!  The show, City Mouse | Country Mouse will showcase two Nashville area artists, Christina Baker and Deann Hebert, who, in their respective work, are drawn to very different perspectives of their Tennessee home.  The show will be sponsored by the artists’ representing gallery, Gregg Irby Fine Art and a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Nashville Zoo.

Mark your calendars!  These two talented artists are creating some beautiful work to share with you!


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