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This Artsy Life: Weekend 4 [ Artsy & Mr. Forager Go to LA ]

Following a rough, partially sleepless Friday night ( hey landlord, just because your rental is in the desert, doesn’t mean it never rains.. puddles in the bed are no fun ), Mr. Forager & I arose early Saturday morning, fueled up on coffee and pancakes in Joshua Tree and hit the road to escape to LA for the day. On the agenda: The LA Art Show, The Pie Hole, and the Arts District.


[ away we go! ]

[ unsophisticated ]

[ found: Damien Hirst ]

[ these were fun, magnifying glasses required ]

[ desire, obtain, cherish ]

[ speaking of desire ]

[ The Sweater contemplates.. is it art? ]


[ so long, Sheperd Fairey ]

Want to see more photos from our LA adventure?  Oh, I’ve got ’em!  Check out my Instagram feed for lots more artsiness form the City of Angels!

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  • Raining on your bed doesn’t sound fun, but the following day does! Thanks for the great photos!

    • Lesley

      Yes, the next day definitely made up for the night before!

  • I love these! The one with G looking at the exit sign rocks!!!!