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No Place to Hide: Gillian Lambert

At times, there is much disparity in the art world between skill and talent level vs. level of fame and success achieved.  There are some mediums in which it seems easier to get by on mediocrity than in others.  Drawing skills, however, are very hard to fake.  And artist Gillian Lambert has the skill in spades.

Shirt by Gillian Lambert

Shirt, graphite on paper, 22×30

In her Self-Deception series, Lambert finds beauty in the vulnerable and grotesque.  Female faces ( hers ) are partially hidden or disfigured in some way, yet not completely concealed.

Paint by Gillian Lambert

Paint, graphite on paper, 22×30

Hands by Gillian Lambert

Hands, graphite on paper, 22×30

In the same way, we try to deceive ourselves, don’t we?  We put on this costume or that mask, hoping the world doesn’t see through.  Not knowing how much more accepted we might be if we just threw back the veil.

Foil by Gillian Lambert

Foil, graphite on paper, 22×30

To see more of Gillian Lambert’s work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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  • Wow, they’re absolutely stunning. I’m always saddened that so many truly talented artists (like Gillian Lambert) get so little recognition, while other, dare I say, ‘con-artists’ coast by on no talent and profit from their ability to exploit the ’emperor’s new clothes’ syndrome so many art-critics seem to suffer from. Bravo for featuring the work of this incredibly talented woman, and helping to right that wrong.

    • Lesley

      Yes, Gillian’s work really is beautiful, isn’t it? What is art is so subjective and changing every day. I think there is room for every kind of creativity. 😉