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Sheer Expression: Mary Ann Wakeley

Something that draws me again and again to abstract work is how it, more than any other style, tends to be about outward expression of an inner life.  Artists using their canvases and paints to work out what is going on inside.  The work of Pennsylvania artist Mary Ann Wakeley, which she describes as a form of meditation, seems to be the manifestation of her own inner dialogues.

Wonderland by Mary Ann Wakeley

Wonderland, mixed media on paper, 19×24

Le Fruit de l'Amour by Mary Ann Wakeley

Le Fruit de L’Amour, mixed media on paper, 17×22

As I look at Wakeley’s work, watching the movement of color and line, I can almost “see” the conversation taking place with herself in paint.  The forms and shapes dialogue on the canvas, some speaking louder than others.

L'Envers by Mary Ann Wakeley

L’Envers, mixed media on paper, 24×19

Reclamation by Mary Ann Wakeley

Reclamation, mixed media on wood, 30×30

Looking through Wakeley’s body of work on her website, you can almost see the evolution of what she was expressing as a visual diary of sorts.. periods of work where the paint is dark and dense or times of fluid joy.

To see more of Mary Ann Wakeley’s work, please visit her website.

All images are via the artist’s website.


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  • Wow, these are beautiful paintings, so fluid and animated. And I like her name too!

    • Lesley

      Haha.. Yes, Mary Ann’s create beautiful artwork, don’t they? ;-!