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This Artsy Life: Weekend 7 [ Art, Wine, & Who Really Cares About the Rest? ]

Happy Monday, Artsies! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Or are you one of the lucky ones who gets a President’s Day holiday? We’re totally jealous!

Our weekend was full of ups and downs– Let’s get the bad stuff over first.. The Downs: Discovering a hole in the kitchen sink pipe of our rental Friday night ( yikes! ), the Disneyland like atmosphere of wineries in Temecula made us miss Oregon even more, crowds at the local breakfast joints on Sunday ( where did all the people come from?? ), still no working sink Sunday night ( the dishes are piling up! )

The Ups: Attending the Palms Springs Fine Art Fair on Friday, a day filled with wine tasting in Temecula on Saturday, discovering less crowded, out of the way wineries, soaking up the warmth on the back porch with Mr. F & a cocktail on a restful Sunday. I’d say The Ups outweighed the The Downs for sure!

[ Carole Feuerman greeting at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair ]

[ Aldo Chapparo, Robert Kelly, Oli Sihoven ]

[ totally needed some of this over the weekend ]

[ art candy by Klari Reis ]

[ wine, wind, wonderful ]

[ hmm.. which do we want? ]

[ Dr. Evil cherub ]

[ the Foragers love a game of bocce ]


[ warmth of the sun ]

Hope you had a lovely weekend, Artsies! ย Lots more photos from the Palm Springs Art Fair, Temecula, and more from This Artsy Life on the Artsy Forager Instagram feed! ย And tons of loveliness coming your way this week, including the opening of our very first online show, City Mouse | Country Mouse in the Found Gallery! ย Such exciting stuff I can’t stop using exclamation points! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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