Daily Artsy Figurative Paintings

Sketched: Kate Long Stevenson

I will never forget how intimidated I was during my first figure drawing class. And how incredibly awful I was. My professor was very encouraging, telling me to push through until it clicked. And then one day it did and I loved it. All that time spent agonizing over drawing the perfect figure gave me the freedom to let loose once I got it. Charleston artist Kate Long Stevenson seems to get it, too. Her elegantly sketched figures are perfectly imperfect.

Femme Nue by Kate Long Stevenson

Femme Nue, oil, latex, charcoal and chalk pastel on canvas, 22×28

Pastoral by Kate Long Stevenson

Pastoral, oil and charcoal on canvas, 30×40

With a minimum amount of line, Stevenson shows us the essence of each figure, a hint of a toe reveals a foot, shapes and angles slightly exaggerated so that our eye finishes the sentence they’ve begun.

Reclining by Kate Long Stevenson

Reclining, 28×20

Bold patches and slashes of paint cause the eye to follow the colors around the canvas, landing and concentrating on just the right spots.

AKT by Kate Long Stevenson

AKT, oil, acrylic, gouache, and charcoal on canvas, 18×24

Woman by Kate Long Stevenson

Woman, oil, gouache, charcoal and chalk pastel on canvas, 42×48

To see more of Kate Long Stevenson’s work, please visit her Kate Long Stevenson website.

All images but Reclining are via the artist’s Kate Long Stevenson website. Reclining is via the Chicago Artsource Chicago Artsource website.

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  • These are wonderful works – does so much with a few charcoal lines.

    • Lesley

      Yes, the beauty in her economy of line is stunning!

  • So gorgeous! Truly, Kate Long Stevenson has a gift for creating the illusion of volume with a subtle interplay of color and line.

    • Lesley

      Yes, well said, Frances!