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This Artsy Life: Weekend 11 [ Artsy & Mr. Forager Daydream ]

This was our 3rd weekend in a row at home in Joshua Tree.. let’s just say we’re getting a bit stir crazy!  Especially since we heard of a possible job assignment for Mr. F in an area we would really like to see and experience ( could possibly have more news on that front even today! *fingers crossed* ).  So much of our weekend, in between Mr. F doing coursework, baking bread, making pasta, drinking pina coladas ( we like getting caught in the rain ), piles of laundry, Mr. F’s fourth turn at home brewing, and tending a delish Beef & Ale Stew for St. Patty’s, we talked and dreamed about what could be our next landing spot.  All the while melting in the Southern California spring sun.

[ I might miss this view. A tiny bit. ]

[ fresh pasta process ]

[ life changing loaf ]

[ channelling Bannon Fu ]

[ what could our next view look like? ]

How about you, Artsies?  Any daydreaming and plan-making happen in your world this weekend?  Want to see more snaps from our artsy life?  Follow me on Instagram!

All images by Artsy Forager.

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