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In Abundance: Sandy Welch

Do you ever have days when you just feel abundantly blessed?  I hope you do!!  These days I’m feeling amazingly thankful for so much.  Mr. Forager, the life we lead, the life we’re building, what I do here and everyone who shares in it.  When I was gazing at these abstract paintings by Conneticut artist Sandy Welch, one word came to mind: abundance.

Springtime in the Park #2 by Sandy Welch

Springtime in the Park #2

These paintings are filled to overflowing with vibrant color and energetic rhythm.  Fairly frenetic with joy, they are brimming with life, just as the world explodes in color each spring.

All That Jazz by Sandy Welch

All That Jazz, acrylic, 30×40

Spring II by Sandy Welch

Spring II

The paint is almost dancing off the canvas, isn’t it?!   Each one is just brimming with hopefulness and frivolity.  I think we need to remind ourselves sometimes that it’s OK to be happy.  Life isn’t perfect, no, but overall it is pretty darn good.

A Walk in the Park by Sandy Welch

A Walk in the Park

To see more of Sandy Welch’s work, please visit her website and Pinterest page.

Images via the artist’s website and her Pinterest page, linked above.

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