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A Special Ordinary: Elaine Pamphilon

What did we do before the days Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to record the beauty of every day life?  How would anyone know how lovely my lunch might be on any given day?  I don’t think UK artist Elaine Pamphilon has ever asked that question.  Her lovely mixed media works capture the ordinary in an incredibly special way.

Cornish Window Sill by Elaine Pamphilon

Cornish Window Sill, mixed media on panel, 80×60 cm

Often dividing her surfaces into planes of color, Pamphilon treats us to glimpses of moments that, though simple as they may be, draw us in with their sweetness and humor.

Blackbird Eyeing Up Sleeping Lily.. by Elaine Pamphilon

Blackbird Eyeing Up Sleeping Lily Wondering If He Can Borrow Crumbs From Phillip’s Plate, mixed media on canvas, 50×40 cm

Studying India by Elaine Pamphilon

Studying India, mixed media on panel, 30×30 cm

Indian Seed Pods and Chai by Elaine Pamphilon

Indian Seed Pods and Chai, mixed media on panel, 30×30 cm

There is such a sense of collected spontaneity about her work, as if each finished piece is just a quick little sketch in her journal, a remembrance of the day, sights, sounds, and findings.

At the Old Rising Sun by Elaine Pamphilon

At the Old Rising Sun, mixed media on panel, 40×30 cm

Sigh.  Her work makes me wish I was a better journal keeper.  Guess I’ll have to settle for Instagram. To see more of Elaine Pamphilon’s work, please visit her website.

Artist found via Christina Foard.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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