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Win Artsy Stuff: March Art Association Contest!

What better way is there to officially kick off Spring than a chance to win some art?!  I assert that there is none!  That’s right, Artsies, Art Association is back and this one is going to be crazy good, I can feel it!  After February’s contest Erin, my partner in AA crime over at artsocial, and I persuaded this month’s artist, Karen Schnepf to participate and we think you’ll love her work just as much as we do.  Seriously, it is gorgeous!

If you’re new to Art Association, here’s the what’s what — You create a Pinterest board around one work of art ( which we provide ), filled with anything and everything that pops into your mind while gazing at the catalyst piece.

Are you ready to get started?  Of course, you are!  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you’re ready to pin your little hearts out.  Our catalyst piece for this month is.. Wedding Day by Karen Schnepf!

Wedding Day by Karen Schnepf

 Here’s how Art Association works–

Step 1|  We give you a piece of artwork, this month’s work is Wedding Day by Karen Schnepf ( above ).

Step 2 | You create a Pinterest board titled Art Association, like mine here, where you pin any and all images you associate with the featured artwork ( like word associations, only visual )– here’s a sneak peek at some of my associations

Step 3 | Leave a link to your Art Association pinboard in the Comments section of this post

Step 4 | Follow both art social and Artsy Forager on Pinterest ( if you already are, you’re ahead of the game! )

Here’s what you can win–

Colors Layered 26 by Karen Schnepf, collaged painting with high gloss finish, 12×12

Erin & I will choose the best board entry, who will be the lucky new owner of Colors Layered 26 by Karen Schnepf ( below )!  Colors Layered is a series of work in which paper is painted, cut, then layered onto panel and coated with a smooth, high gloss finish.  ( The work has to be photographed before the finish s applied or else it is impossible to capture without glare ).  Isn’t it stunning?  I’m incredibly jealous of whoever wins this lovely.

The pinner with the best Art Association board ( as judged by me and Erin ) will be chosen on Wednesday, March 27th at 5pm (mountain standard time).  I can’t wait to gaze upon all the beautifully colored boards I just know you guys are going to come up with!  This currently desert-dwelling-gal needs some color!

OK, now go forth and pin!

**So sorry but the contest is open to US residents only.  Stupid laws.

Would you like your artwork to be featured as an Art Association subject?  Shoot me an email atartsyforager@att.net or Erin an email at artsocialonline@gmail.com for more info.

Art images via Karen Schnepf.

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