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This Artsy Life: Weekend 13 [ Good Thing We Had Our Fun on Saturday ]

It seems like every time we go to visit our friends in San Diego, one of us inevitably catches whatever those three cute little germ monsters AKA The James Boys are harboring.  After our return, Mr. F kept complaining of not feeling so hot and I was feeling great.. until last Thursday.  Apparently, it was my turn at the virus wheel.  We’d already planned a day of wine tasting with friends we met on our first travel assignment in the Northwest, so I popped a few Dayquil and soldiered on.  There was wine to be drunk and friends to catch up with!  But then Sunday came.

[ rare Artsy photo ]

[ southern cali is in full bloom! ]

[ made a sweet lil goat friend ]

[ sharing of stories over vino ]


[ how I spent most of Sunday ]

I felt great for most of the day on Saturday, until about ten minutes before we left the last winery.  Then I found myself barely awake for the ride home, most of the day Sunday and a good part of the morning today.  Being sick is no fun!! *cough*  Going to make myself some soup and head back to bed.  Thank God for Hulu.  Take care, Artsies!  I’ll see you on the other side of this cold.

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  • Get well soon!

  • Lesley

    Thanks, Deann! Trying to get lots of rest. 😉

  • deb

    Love the photos, hope you feel better. When you do please check out my new web site, I’ve been hard at work. Now go put your feet up!


    • Lesley

      Oh, you HAVE been a busy girl! Loving the new abstracts and collages!