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Floral Flow: Alicia Tormey

I always remember my first visit to Seattle in the springtime.  The cherry trees were blooming in the neighborhood where Mr. Forager was living ( this was before I became Mrs. F ) and then it rained, as it is always wont to do in Seattle.  After the rain, the blossoms weren’t quite as fluffy and perfect as they’d been, but we were left with a magical blanket of pink petals dotting the sidewalks.  The wind would eventually sweep each petal into its breeze and carry it away to some unknown place.  As I look at the floral encaustics of Seattle artist Alicia Tormey, I’m reminded of the delicate strength it takes to withstand the storms.

Floral Study IV by Alicia Tormey

Floral Study IV, encaustic with mixed media, 10×10

Tormey’s flowers have a wonderful, swirly diaphanous quality as translucent strands float from and around them.  In some, we see look to be veins coming through, as if these are the angels of flowers loved and pressed between book pages as a remembrance.

Fly Away by Alicia Tormey

Fly Away, encaustic, shellac and ink on panel, 36×36

Floral Form V by Alicia Tormey

Floral Form V, encaustic, shellac and ink on panel, 24×24

Each flower almost takes on the personality of a dancer’s movements.. wild yet graceful.. controlled chaos, passionate yet maintaining an elegant line, always.

Floral Study III by Alicia Tormey

Floral Study III, encaustic with mixed media, 10×10

To see more of Alicia Tormey’s work, please visit her website.

Images via Gilman Contemporary and Chase Young Gallery.

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