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High Marks: Camille Hannah

For an artist or avid art lover, often the joy and specialness of a work of art is to be found not in the overall meaning or composition but in the mark making.  Those little strokes that mean so much.  The work of Australian artist Camille Hannah gives us pause to consider how each mark of the brush is made.

Venus Tactus by Camille Hannah

Venus Tactus, oil and acrylic on aluminum, 204×203 cm

In each squiggle, the light and shadow moves along with the paint.  These strokes create form, line and texture, all through choice of paint loaded onto the brush and the way in which the hand of the artist guides it.

Caecus Macula by Camille Hannah

Caecus Macula, oil and acrylic on aluminum, 204×203 cm

This adept “play with paint” is always what draws me in.  There is such beauty in the way the paint swirls from the bristles of the brush, the way the colors mix together on the surface, catching the light and deepening not just the visual but the visceral experience of the painting!

Austramythicus Patternus by Camille Hannah

Austramythicus Paternus, oil and acrylic on aluminum, 204×203 cm

Orexis by Camille Hannah

Orexis ( Between Skins ), oil and acrylic on aluminum, 204×203 cm

To see more of Camille Hannah’s work, please visit the website of her representing gallery, the Nellie Castan Gallery.

All images via the Nellie Castan Gallery. 

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