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This Artsy Life: Weekend 16 [ Our Last in Joshua Tree ]

Happy Earth Day, dear Artsies! I wish I could tell you that in anticipation of the celebration of our beautiful planet that Mr. Forager & I got out and did some hiking during our last weekend in Joshua Tree. But alas, there were errands to run, boxes to pack, and it was close to 90 degrees here in the desert, which when hiking with little shade feels like triple digits!

As we prepare to bid farewell to JT, I thought you might enjoy a few peeks inside our past forays into JT National Park to celebrate Earth Day!







It’s been lovely, Joshua Tree.  I wish we could say we will miss you like crazy, but you deserve folks who love you like we never could.  It’s not you, it’s us.  Farewell.

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All images by Artsy Forager.

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  • Beautiful photos! Id’ love to visit those places…

    • Lesley

      Thanks, Zia! Joshua Tree and this area do indeed have their own distinct beauty. Definitely worth a visit!