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Inner Archetypes: Haley Hasler

We all struggle against that ideal we have in our head of the person we feel we are supposed to be.  Whether it be the strong head of household, the June Cleaverish mom or the anti-establishment free thinker.  Artist Haley Hasler conveys the inner archetypes caught in the complexity of the exterior world in her self portrait series.

Portrait as Sunday Brunch by Haley Hasler

Portrait as Sunday Brunch, oil on canvas, 46×56

Portrait as Lady Bearing Snacks by Haley Hasler

Portrait as Lady Bearing Snacks, oil on canvas

I am continually in awe of any working mom’s as when I glimpse into the insanity of their daily lives, I wonder how in the world they do it.  My friend V and I talked about it once, that inert striving that seems to always be present to live up to some sort of ideal.

Portrait as St. Caslide by Haley Hasler

Portrait as St. Caslide, oil on canvas, 32×46

Portrait of Allegory of Fidelity by Haley Hasler

Portrait of Allegory of Fidelity, oil on canvas

But when we let go of that ideal, as my very wise friend told me, that’s when we can really dwell in each moment.  The dishes may be dirty, the laundry may be piled up, but our loved ones will remember the time we gave them.  There will always be the inner struggle for the “perfect” life– whatever that may look like.  But even if the life we cultivate isn’t perfect, it can still be filled with moments of magic.

Portrait as Tooth Fairy by Haley Hasler

Portrait as Tooth Fairy, oil on canvas, 38×56

To see more of Haley Hasler’s work, please visit her website.

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