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Guest Forager: Erin of artsocial

While Mr. Forager & I wind our way up the Pacific Coast Highway to Seattle, I’ve asked a few of my fellow art bloggers to step in and share some of their own artsy finds.  

You’re already familiar with Erin of artsocial as my partner in artsy pinning for the Art Association contest we hold every month.  But did you also know she has her own fabulous art blog?  It’s like a party every day.  With art!  Without further ado, take it away, Erin!

Abstract is IN this season in a big awesome way. Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing amazing paintings, rugs, pants – you name it – all decorated with incredible abstract designs… and I love it.

Mini Interior 9

Mini Interior 9, mixed media collage on paper, 6×4

A newfound favorite of mine is abstract artist, Pamela Staker.  Her intense color combinations, bold patterns, and expressive brushstrokes infuse her work with an undeniable and irresistible energy.

Mini Interior 10

Mini Interior 10, mixed media collage on paper, 6×4

Starting with simple shapes and vibrant colors, Pamela builds up her playful abstractions with mixed media and unconventional materials like duct tape, rope, and vinyl wall covering. Isn’t contemporary art the best?

Mini Interior 11

Mini Interior 11, mixed media collage on paper, 6×4

Her work beautifully expresses a balance between energetic spontaneity and carefully structured compositions. Which one is your favorite?

Mini Interior 12

Mini Interior 12, mixed media collage on paper, 6×4

This is only a small sampling of Pamela’s amazing work. Her shop is FULL of incredible pieces.

P.S. there’s a whole section of abstract cats! Not to sound too much like a cat lady, but it’s pretty awesome. You can also find larger works on Cureeo.

See more from Pamela Staker on Etsy and her website.


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