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Sweet Geometry: Esther Stewart

You guys know I love crazy, messy, expressionist paintings.  I mean who doesn’t respond piles of texture and frenetic brushstrokes?  But then sometimes I surprise myself and fall head over heels for work that is full of clean,simple, straight-lined shapes.  Australian artist Esther Stewart masterfully intersects simple forms, a warm palette, and interesting compositions to create softly beautiful geometric paintings.

Backwards Barbie by Esther Stewart

Backwards Barbie, 60×90 cm

Stewart’s use of intersecting lines lend a landscape-ish air to her compositions, while the palette keeps the overall feel of each work dreamy and supple.  It’s almost as if we are gazing at vistas made of ice cream..

Made of Stone by Esther Stewart

Made of Stone, 60×90 cm

Just the Way I Am by Esther Stewart

Just the Way I Am, 60×90 cm

The way Stewart seems to break down her compositions into such elemental shapes inspires me to see the world in a much more simple manner.  Every space is made up of the same repeating shapes, we just have to figure out how those forms fit together.  There’s a bit of a life lesson in there, to be sure.  All of our lives are made up of essentially the same components– it’s how we fit those pieces together that make our existence our own.

Nickels and Dimes by Esther Stewart

Nickels and Dimes, 60×90 cm

Esther Stewart has more amazing work on her website, be sure to check it out.  Thank you to The Design Files for the introduction to this artist– so many talented Aussies!

All images are via the artist’s website.



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