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Relaxed Vision: Teil Duncan

The weatherman is saying it is going to the H-O-T in Seattle this weekend– like high 80s, low 90s hot.  That’s like Florida hot!  With the coming onslaught of warmth and sunshine, I couldn’t resist sharing the work of Charleston artist Teil Duncan.

Beach Talk by Teil Duncan

Beach Talk, gouache and acrylic on panel, 30×24

Lean In by Teil Duncan

Lean In, gouache and acrylic on panel, 18×81

Duncan’s work perfectly captures the bustle to be found at the beach on a summer’s day.  Scenes of bikini clad gals gabbing on the sand and striped umbrellas tilted jauntily signal a good time being had by all.

Coastal Color by Teil Duncan

Coastal Color, gouache and acrylic on panel, 36×63

Memorial Day Way by Teil Duncan

Memorial Day Way, gouache and acrylic on panel, 36×36

Just as we squint our eyes upon waking from an oceanside nap, Duncan’s abstract style mixes well with the relaxed vision a day at the beach ( or pool as below! ) can bring.

Pool Corner by Tiel Duncan

Pool Corner, gouache and acrylic on panel, 28×22

I’m sure many in Seattle ( and beyond! ) will be hitting the beach this weekend.  I think Mr. F and I will be seeking out cooler temps in higher elevations.. 😉  Want to see more work from Teil Duncan?  Check out her website and shop on BigCartel.  This beauties are not just lovely but affordable, too!

All images are via the artist’s BigCartel shop.

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