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July Featured Artist: Ally Burguieres

Please forgive the wonkiness of the site today.  Spent most of the morning fixing a bug and will be reinstalling all widgets, etc. this afternoon.  Sometimes being a blogger isn’t so artsy. 😉

It is July, ya’ll and you know what that means??  Summer has officially arrived, there’s no doubt now.  In the spirit of the relaxed, fun loving feeling of summer, I’d like to introduce our July Featured Artist, New Orleans’ Ally Burguieres!

Fox in the Strawberry Fields by Ally Burguieres

Fox in the Strawberry Fields, oil on canvas, 20×24

Being a NOLA gal, it will come as no surprise that Ally’s work is full of color, humor, and joie de vivre!  From work that puts in a little dash of this and that, like the best Creole cuisine, in bold, vibrant colors reminiscent of the stained glass windows of New Orleans’ cathedrals, to fun and sketchy homages to pop culture.

Ugly Friends by Ally Burguieres

Ugly Friends, oil on canvas, 36×48

Sock Monkey on Notebook Paper by Ally Burguieres

Sock Monkey on Notebook Paper, oil on canvas

Grumpy Cat by Ally Burguieres

Grumpy Cat, oil on canvas

Ally is a young artist whose work celebrates life and the things she loves best.  Gay-ron-TEEED to make you smile!

Vegan Smorgasboard by Ally Burguieres

Vegan Smorgasboard, oil on canvas, 20×24

Want to see more of Ally Burguieres’ work?  Take a gander at her website and if you find yourself in New Orleans, don’t miss the chance to stop by her gallery on Royal Street!  And of course, head over to the Artsy Forager Facebook page to see Ally’s July cover and more of my faves in her album!

All images are via the artist’s website.


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