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Pioneer Square Art Walk

Last night, Mr. F & I ventured out for our first ArtWalk since arriving in Seattle.  I know, right?!! What took us so long?  And this city is by no means lacking in ArtWalking opportunities.  Like Farmer’s Markets, there seems to be one going on all the time.  I knew there were a few shows in the Pioneer Square district opening last night, so off we went to fight the traffic and walk some art!

You can see all the photos of art I snapped over on the Artsy Instagram feed, but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek here on the blog.  Something you should know about Seattle– it’s gray a lot ( well you probably already knew that ), but when the sun comes out, the light is dazzling.  It was a beautiful light-filled evening last night and as I was going through the galleries, I noticed a theme of beautiful shadows cast by some of the work on display.

Lindsay Pichaske at Foster/White

 [ Lindsay Pichaske at Foster/White ]

Lindsay Pichaske at Foster/White

[ Lindsay Pichaske at Foster/White ]

Balloons at Greg Kucera

[ at Greg Kucera ]

Box installation[ Anyone know this artist.. Anyone? Bueller? ]

Sherry Markovitz at Greg Kucera[ Sherry Markovitz at Greg Kucera ]

So much artsy goodness!  Next time I think I’ll go early & let Mr. F meet me there.  Too much to see in just a few hours.  Any artsy plans for the weekend?

All images by Artsy Forager.  More can be found by following Artsy Forager on Instagram!

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