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This Artsy Life: Weekend 28 [ Forging Ahead ]

Our weekend started off gangbusters with a fun surprise for me from Mr. Forager.  Obviously I love painting and all things artsy and a few times post-gallery hopping, Mr. F has  mentioned that he would like to give his creative wheels a spin.  So Friday night, Mr. F signed us up for a little painting & adult beverages at Mind Unwind in West Seattle.  Now normally, the art snob in me might think these kinds of places are super cheesy, but I loved seeing folks like Mr. F, who don’t consider themselves creative or “artists” tap into a completely different part of their brains.  A little wine and beer doesn’t hurt the loosening up the art making joints, either!


[ blank canvas, beer ]

Following our foray into couple’s painting, we arose super early on Saturday to go hiking in the Wenatchee National Forest.  It was a moderately cool, cloudless day, perfect for hiking. Wildflowers and waterfalls greeted us were plentiful, as well as mosquitoes once we reached our destination.


[ weird balloon sighting on the trail.. can you spot Mr. F? ]

About a mile and a half of the trail was a pretty grueling uphill climb, followed by a slow, try not to break any bones trek back down.  Although this was by no means the longest hike we’ve done, it was more strenuous than anything we’ve done since leaving Idaho last year.  These kinds of hikes always teach me a big lesson in perseverance.  I take each small victory, each rise conquered as testimony that big things can be done when taken in small steps.  The rest of the weekend was decidedly lazy, though we’re making headway on some big decisions and transitions.  More on that later.


[ chinese takeout picnic ]



[ nothing but blue skies ]

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