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Live the Artsy: Camp Like an Artsy

If you’ve read the blog for a while, you know that Mr. F and I are the outdoorsy types.  We’re those people who are happier sleeping in the woods than in the midst of a busy city.  There is something about sleeping under the stars that rejuvenates the creative spirit!  Good gear is important, but you don’t need to buy out REI to enjoy being an artsy in the outdoors!

Camp Like an Artsy

Here are a few ways to camp like an artsy!

1.  Create a playlist 

The journey starts before you ever leave home!  Get your mind in the mood by creating a playlist for the road. The perfect music can set your spirit off in the right direction as you begin your adventure.  Mr. Forager created a playlist that we usually listen to when we’re headed into the wilderness.  Heavy on Eddie Vedder, Nick Drake, and Ben Harper, it’s our own way of getting Into the Wild.

Camping_Into the Wild


2. Bring along bits of home

Camping doesn’t have to equal uncomfortable!  Bring that favorite blanket, bed pillows, and tablecloth.  A tent feels more like home when you’re surrounded by your favorite things.

Camp Like an Artsy_Anthropologie


3. Camp civilized

Artsy camping doesn’t mean franks & beans and gross coffee!  It’s super easy to make coffee via French Press when camping ( just boil water! ) and we love to make fresh foods like pasta and fajitas rather than the old standby burgers.  A little red wine may even help you sleep. 😉


4. Don’t forget your artsy tools

You are bound to be inspired by the quiet and the beauty of your surroundings.  So make sure you pack what you need to take advantage of the situation!  Whether it’s a sketchbook, some watercolors or a guitar, gettin’ your artsy on is the perfect way to relax at camp.

Camping_colored pencils

5.  DO forget your iPhone 

Yes, your iPhone can come in handy for taking photos and you might even use it for its outdoorsy apps like StarWalk.  But having it along is usually more of a distraction than a convenience.  Besides, if you’re really out in the wild, chances are you won’t have service anyway!  So take the time to completely unplug.

Camping_Disconnect6. Just relax and enjoy

The more you let yourself settle into the ease and quiet of the outdoors, the more relaxed your mind and spirit will become– and the more awakened your creativity will feel!  Let your mind wander as your feet do the same.


Happy Camping, Artsies!

Images by Artsy Forager unless otherwise linked below the image.

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