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Nothing But Blue: Vittorio Ciccarelli

After yesterday’s afternoon post, it seems my obsession with blues continues, but this time, I’m gushing over the blue skies of photographer Vittorio Ciccarelli’s Invisible series.

Invisible 1 by Vittorio Ciccarelli

Invisible 2 by Vittorio Ciccarelli

We’ve had no shortage of cloudless, blue sky days lately and I’m always struck, as it seems Ciccarelli is, by the juxtaposition of architecture against an azure expanse.  The skies in Ciccarelli’s work almost seem unreal, unbelievably translucent.

Invisible 6 by Vittorio Ciccarelli Invisible 8 by Vittorio Ciccarelli

The bright aqua skies leave our eyes to feast upon the simply beauty in the ordinary urban sights we take for granted.  Suddenly, we notice the gentle curve of the street lamp, never realizing before its beauty.

Invisible 9 by Vittorio CiccarelliIf you’d like to see more of Vittorio Ciccarelli’s work, please visit his Behance page.

All images are via Behance.  Artist found via Trendland.

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