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Time, Stood Still: Dan McDermott

Have you ever had a moment so special, so perfect that you want to freeze yourself there, so that you can go back and revisit it again and again?  London based artist Dan McDermott‘s paintings ( yes, paintings! ) freeze in time moments from our collective past, preserving not just the actuality of that occasion but the feeling of being in that moment.

Beauty Queens by Dan McDermott

Beauty Queens, oil on canvas, 130×100 cm

Good Times I by Dan McDermott

Good Times I, oil on canvas, 80×60 cm

Working from an extensive archive of vintage imagery, McDermott captures what seems like frozen film frames in paint.  It’s like watching those old home movies on projector ( showing my age! ).  Everything is a bit distorted, but we recognize the familiar.

Yellow Dress II by Dan McDermott

Yellow Dress II, oil on canvas, 80×50 cm

Rollerskates by Dan McDermott

Roller Skates, oil on canvas, 80×50 cm

The corralling of these “frozen” moments doesn’t just happen in the frenetic, blurry application of paint.  It is found in the palettes, as well, we can sense the warmth of the sun, along with the faded cloth of memory.

Cocktail by Dan McDermott

Cocktail, oil on linen, 127×67 cm

What moment would you like to freeze in time?  I can think of several!  Want to see more of Dan McDermott’s work?  Please visit his website.

All images via the artist’s website.

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