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This Artsy Life: Weekend 30 [ Just Us Two ]

Here’s the thing.  Mr. F & I love people.  We really do.  But we’re both introverts, he being a bit more on the outgoing side than I.  So as much as we love to socialize, people can be exhausting for two introverted folk!  When it’s just us, we can just BE.  And usually, when we’re traveling, unless we happen to be in a place where there are friends to hang with ( Seattle ) or a place where his work crew is awesome and super social ( Idaho ), we are each other’s sole company.  And we’re totally OK with that.  More than that, it’s the way we like it.

So as happy as we would have been to be joined by a gang of friends on our hike this weekend, as it was shaping up by the end of last week, we were secretly pleased when it turned out to be just us two.  We arose super early Saturday morning to make the 2 1/2 hour pilgrimage to Mt. Baker.

20130729-103328.jpg[ skyline trail ]

20130729-103513.jpg[ we were as giddy as this guy ]

20130729-105145.jpg[ even on our hike, we each got a little alone time ]

[ snow in august! ]

20130729-105414.jpg[ glorious day ]

We felt guilty that our underestimating the drive time meant that we missed out on a friend’s birthday celebration.  But having more him & me time was like a surprise gift, and a much needed one as we’re in the midst of the stressful few weeks before packing up and traveling on.  Speaking of, on Sunday we concentrated on dwindling down our belongings even lighter– no more renting a trailer each time.  Everything must now fit in the back of the SUV.  My closet is now 1/3 its normal size.

20130729-110059.jpg[ the clothes that made the cut ]

 I am determined to take a few essential art supplies with me, too.  Will be working on sorting that out next weekend.  What did you do over the weekend?  Anything fun?  Did you party like it’s 1999 or just enjoy some down time alone?

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  • marionsartblog

    What a beautiful landscape…I also enjoy being alone sometimes or just being together with my boyfriend although he is much more an extrovert and somehow the total opposite of me…

    • Lesley

      When we understand these personality differences, it makes living together so much easier, don’t you think? Most close friends and family know and understand I need my “me” time. 😉