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Twisted & Tangled: Deborah Dancy

Sometimes, as I’m looking through my artists queue and planning which artists to feature, I have to go back and search the Artsy archives because I come across an artist whose work is so fantastic, so just up my alley, that I’m shocked I let this artist’s work sit in queue for so long.  I can’t believe I waited so long to share these gorgeous abstract paintings by artist Deborah Dancy.

As the World Turns by Deborah Dancy

As the World Turns, oil on canvas, 60×48

Dancing in the Dark by Deborah Dancy

Dancing in the Dark, oil on canvas, 60×60

Dancy spins a web of layered painterly texture, light, shadow and intricately concocted yet wonderfully spontaneous cages of line.  My eye gets caught up in each tangled maze of paint, getting utterly lost and never wanting to come back.

The Object of My Affection by Deborah Dancy

The Object of My Affection, oil on canvas, 46×46

Stormy Weather by Deborah Dancy

Stormy Weather, oil on canvas, 30×30

And have I mentioned the palette?  Warm rusty desert tones contrast with pale cotton candy pastels, keeping things fresh and light.

Gates of Paradise by Deborah Dancy

Gates of Paradise, oil on canvas, 60×48

Want to see more of Deborah Dancy’s work?  Of course you do.  Check out her website.

All images via the artist’s website.  Artist found via Sears Peyton Gallery.


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