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Double Take: Timothy Pakron

Remember in the old days when you would accidentally double expose a photo and you’d be a little bummed when it didn’t turn out perfectly, but secretly pleased because the double exposure was super cool?  Me too I mean, I’m not nearly old enough to remember that, but perhaps you are. 😉  Anyhoo.. these photographs by Mississippi born  NYC artist Timothy Pakron have me longing for the days of happy photographical accidents.

Wash Away by Timothy Pakron

Wash Away, archival inkjet print, edition of 5, 40×40

Lazy Blue Eyes by Timothy Pakron

Lazy Blue Eyes, archival inket print, edition of 5, 40×40

His blurred figures take on a bit of a ghostly quality and we can’t be quite sure whether or not we can trust our own eyes.

Distance by Timothy Pakron

Distance, archival inkjet print, edition of 5, 40×40

Fade by Timothy Pakron

Fade, archival inkjet print, 40×40

These could almost take on a slightly sinister quality, but I prefer to see them as a bit day dreamy.  Like that hazy fog between sleep and wakefulness, there is a pleasant light-headedness to them that I completely dig.

This Side of the Blue by Timothy Pakron

This Side of the Blue, archival inkjet print, edition of 5, 40×40

Want to see more of Timothy Pakron’s work?  Check out his website.

All images via the artist’s website.  Artist found via Michael Mitchell Gallery.

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