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Hope in the Dark: Wendy McWilliams

As much as we would love to be happily skipping through life at all times, there will always be moments that get us down.  We get stressed, overwhelmed, and sometimes just plain sad.  But in the darkness, there is always a light of hope.  These abstract paintings by Tennessee artist Wendy McWilliams illustrate in paint that feeling of glimpsing the light in our dark moments.

McWilliams_feeling the pinch 36 x 36 $500

I’m not sure this was the artist’s purpose when she set out to paint these canvases, but it is what these pieces are speaking to my own, slightly stressed mind today.. There is always something happening, something or someone clamoring for our attention.  Sometimes the noise is welcome, other times, not so much.  But in the light and color of McWilliams’ work, today I’m reminded that the stress doesn’t last forever.



We always manage somehow to come through the chaos, to tackle the seemingly insurmountable tasks before us or to just plain grin and bear it until it’s all over.  Whether it is through our own strength, help from another or above, we get through it.  The color returns and so does the light.


Want to see more work from this artist?  Check out Wendy McWilliams’ website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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  • Fantastic works….Thanks!

    • Lesley

      Glad you enjoyed Wendy’s work, Deb!

  • M

    I don’t remember how I originally came across the artwork of Wendy McWilliams but I just love her abstract pieces. I’m so glad to see you feature her work on your blog.

    • Lesley

      Thanks! I’ve been meaning to feature her for quite some time. Happy I finally got her work up on the blog!

  • Gorgeous.