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September Featured Artist: Susan Hall

I know today is a holiday for most folks here in the US, so you’ve probably out picnicking, enjoying your last bit of summer beach time or barbecuing with the fam.  But I just couldn’t wait to share with you our new Featured Artist for September!  I am an enormous fan of this artist’s work.  Seriously, I fall more in love with the work of Susan Hall every time I see it.

Wing by Susan Hall

Wing, oil on panel, 35×40

Every painting transports me to such a calm and peaceful place– it’s like a visual dip into a cool spring on a hot day.  Each figure, whether human or animal, seems lit from within and the canvases radiate with serenity.

Devotion by Susan Hall

Devotion, oil on panel, 43×51

Morning Light by Susan Hall

Morning Light, oil on panel, 35×40

And I’m sure you’ve noticed her use of texture– each piece has subtle textural patterns overlaying the composition, lending to the ethereal, gossamer-like quality.

Listen by Susan Hall

Listen, oil on panel, 43×48

Harmony by Susan Hall

Harmony, oil on panel, 43×51

Owning one of Susan’s pieces would be like having your own personal serenity portal.  Just a few moments’ gazing and my stress levels plummet!

Want to see more of Susan Hall‘s work?  Please visit her website and be sure to check out the Facebook album full of my favorite works by Susan.  For you Texas Artsies, Susan will be showing at the Houston Fine Art Fair this month and for my Seattle Artsies, you can see Susan’s work at the Affordable Art Fair in November!  A list of galleries who carry her work can be found on her website here.

All images via the artist’s website.


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