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Artsy Dwelling: 7 Unique Ways to Hang Artwork

Look beyond the nail and picture hanger.  There are so many unique ways to hang artwork, whether you’re hanging just one piece or grouping lots of work together.  Here are a few of my favorite methods!

1 |  String it up

String collage

found here here here here and here

Create a bit of interest and drama by hanging your artwork by a thread, ‘er string.  It’s a great way to add a bit more height to a piece that isn’t quite tall enough for your wall or to add just the right boho vibe.

2 | Clip it!

Clip collage

 found here here here and here

Clip art takes on a whole new meaning!  Use specialty art clips, gator clips, vintage pant hangers or even just an old fashioned clipboard to display work that isn’t terribly precious.  ( Stay away from clips that might crimp for artwork you don’t want to damage ).

3 | Create a hanging structure

Create structure collage

 found here here and here

Artwork stands out– literally– when you hang it from a three dimensional grid.  The grids add just the right amount of visual texture, creating an interesting juxtaposition and the added bonus of easily switched out work.

4 | Use the structure you have!

Structure You Have collageAD_Structure3

found herhere and here 

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have some fabulous architectural details already built into your home!  Consider using those structures as a hanging surface for art– that’s what those vintage picture rails were for to begin with!  I’m personally in love with the industrial vibe of the barn-door hanging above!

5 | Frame within a frame

AD_Frame in a Frame

found here

Another way to add a some healthy dimension to your space?  Find a giant frame and group smaller works of art inside.

6 | Art mobile!

Art mobile collagefound here

Perhaps the most fun of all the options– create an art mobile!  These tiny clips are perfect for displaying artful photos, sketches, postcards, etc.  You know when you’ve bought a little notecard of an artist’s work, knowing there’s no way on earth you could ever afford an original?  Here’s the perfect way to display those treasures!

7 | Go old school.  Use thumbtacks.

House of Honey

found here

The ol’ thumbtack method was probably the very first way anyone hung your artwork.  Or maybe your mom used refrigerator magnets instead.  Raw, unstretched canvas pinned up in the corners with brass tacks looks absolutely divine in this nursery, doesn’t it?

Have a unique art hanging method you’d like to share?  Let us know in the comments below!

All image sources linked above.

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  • Great collection of ideas, Leslie! We finally put up picture rails on our major walls so we easily hang and change art. We mostly have salon style arrangements, but you have inspired me to rethink some walls. Thanks!

    • Lesley

      Happy to fuel the fire, Becky! 😉

  • Wow. These are fantastic ideas. What a great way to organize smaller works together without spending an arm and a leg on framing! Thanks :).