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Design Foraging: Julia Gabriel

Mr. F and I can definitely relate to snails, turtles, basically any of those I-carry-my-home-on-my-back types.  Although technically, we carry home in our Hyundai Santa Fe.. still, we feel a kinship. 😉  But what if you really could carry your home on your back?  These utilitarian sculptures by Julia Gabriel are hand-dyed canvas backpacks inspired by architecture and well, they are the most inspired backpacks I’ve ever seen!

Julia Gabriel_Painted Lady 6

Julia Gabriel_Painted Lady 5

Julia Gabriel_Painted Lady 4

Julia Gabriel_Painted Lady 2

Julia Gabriel_Painted Lady 1

I mean, how fun would it be to carry your books & laptop to your favorite coffee shop in one of these?  This series is available through Buy Some Damn Art until November 5th.  Check out the show online at BSDA and see more of Julia Gabriel‘s work on her website.

All images via the BSDA website.

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