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Pocket-Sized Memories: Jefferson Hayman

There were days when, to commemorate an engagement or a special occasion, one might have a tiny portrait painted for a loved one.  Or perhaps even now you wear a locket around your neck, or carry a special stone in your pocket.  There’s something enchanting about the preciousness of miniature treasures, isn’t there?  Tappan, NY artist Jefferson Hayman forges his own liliputian remembrances in his small framed photographs.

Metropolis by Jefferson Hayman Good Fortune Locket by Jefferson Hayman Secret Little City by Jefferson Hayman Daymoon by Jefferson Hayman Martini by Jefferson Hayman

The handcrafted silver gelatin and platinum prints are a delightful surprise when tucked inside antique boxes or frames of the artist’s making.  Larger than life places like Manhattan and the moon seem forever caught in a moment inside each little box, there to charm us all over again each time they are revealed.

To see more of Jefferson Hayman‘s work, please visit his website.

All images are via the artist’s website.

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