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Artsy Happenings: #Foliophoto on Instagram

Remember when I mentioned the need to stretch some creative muscles?  While not exactly the painting project I had in mind, this Instagram project, initiated by Sandra of Raincoast Creative Salon and Christie of Bedside Design, came along at just the right time!  #Foliophoto is the name of the game and the objective is to take an Instagram each day of October based on a word prompt [ see list below ], then use hashtag #foliophoto to mark your Instagram and follow what everyone else is doing.

#Foliophoto collage

The project is about bettering our visual storytelling, improving our photography, and building creative community.  A definite assortment of goals I knew I could benefit from and have some artsy fun at the same time!  Want to join in?  It’s not too late!  Just find the word prompt below corresponding with today’s date [ i.e., for today, Oct. 8th, the word is pattern ].  Then take an Instagram inspired by that word.  Get creative!


I hope you’ll play along with us!  I love going through the #foliophoto entries at night and seeing what everyone else has come up with.  So much creativity, you guys!  You’ll be more creative and you’ll be inspired by what other folks are doing.  Come and play! #foliophoto

Images in collage by Artsy Forager.  Word prompt image via Raincoast Creative Salon.

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  • Christie Jones

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! I’m loving your contributions and it’s so inspiring seeing everyone’s interpretations!

    • Artsy Forager

      My pleasure, Christie! I’m enjoying the challenge and thought others might, too and of course, finding more artsy folk to follow on Instagram. 😉

  • Alyssa Perkins

    Do you know what was used to add the words onto the images perchance?

    • Artsy Forager

      Hi Alyssa! If I remember correctly, I think these were created with the Pixlr Editor.

      • Alyssa Perkins

        Thank you!!😀